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Ask questions: Focus on the public, let them talk on themselves. Ask how they are doing and what they are up to, whether studies or work. When the answers come up, ask questions related to what they are doing are about. Make eye contact. Listen intently. Show that you involved in what the other person has to say. Smile. Nod occasionally. It takes time but with practice, you will absolutely get better.
Impromptu speeches: look for 2-min themes online and learn to talk in front of a mirror. Think before you speak. Think about the ideas that come to you. Get comfortable in your own skin. Breath, Then speak. This will help you build up confidence in your conversations with people or facing others.
Gain facts: Always be up-to-date with the latest happenings. With that, you are in a good place to talk about things. Read the newspaper. Read good books, watch good movies and documentaries. If you do not know about something, study it online; gather as much as you can! A fact really is power. Use it to your advantage. You will have something to say.
Compliment people: Offer honest respects when you like someone’s dress, hairdo, hair cut, bag/purses etc. Does not sound like a creep? Be genuine.
Keeps it going: To keep a conversation going, the key is to let people talk about themselves? If they are waiting late at college, say that they must be on an actually tough schedule. This may prompt people to talk about what’s creation them stay late. You could follow the same thing for the working person. You can chat about what you have been up to, in among chats but not too much. Chats in social settings should be more about YOU (the other person) and very less about I, Me, My! If you come across an occasion about other people on social media, you could use that to ask further Qs.
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